Complimented by formwork and steel fixing, concreting is a great product we provide. Unique Construction Aust offers different strength mixes and colour services for those finishing touches.

Our range of concreting services include:

Concrete Slabs - Ground and Footings used to construct the ground floor of a structure, building, house, granny flat or garage. Suspended concrete used for upper levels and balconies.

Retaining Walls - A structure designed and constructed to resist pressure of soil. May also be reinforced with steel for extra strength and durability

Driveways & Footpaths - Constructed to specifications, formed, reinforced and poured. Colour can be added to the concrete before it is poured if required.

Stamped or Stenciled Concrete - Concrete that has a pattern stamped or stenciled into it. Most often used to replicate the look of stone, slate, brick or tiles.

Concrete Stairs and Spiral Stairs – Indoor or outdoor, clockwise or anti-clockwise concrete stairs. We are concrete spiral stair specialists.

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