Dincel Construction

What is Dincel? - Dincel Construction System is an innovative internationally patented permanent polymer formwork for walls and columns, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces an economical, strong, durable structure. it is a very cost effective, fast and permanent.

Why use Dincel? - Using the Dincel Wall System will save you at least 1 month of construction time in an average sized block of units. Dincel can be erected without scaffold – 200-300 square metres can be erected per day without scaffolding. The Dincel system is suitable for small or large jobs in residential houses, unit blocks and small commercial projects.

A great example of how Dincel is beneficial is that it can eliminate the need for waterproofing for your standard basement. As the walls and slab can be poured in one. This saves you both time and money – the formwork can start the next day instead of waiting 2 weeks and you don’t have to pay for waterproofing.

Dincel Construction System is a major innovation in formwork system technology minimising impact on schedule and cost with no compromise on strength and quality. Contact Robert today on 0423069359 or use the contact us form for more information on how the Dincel Wall System can save you time and money on your next construction project. We offer supply and/or installation dependent on your needs.

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