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Our services

Below is a summary of the services we offer. Click the links for a more in depth look of what we can provide for you

  • Formwork
    The practice of a constructing Timber or Ply wood mould, used for the desired shape or form of a concrete slab, walls, stairs or balcony, before steel and concrete is added....
  • Steel Fixing
    In conjunction with formwork, steel fixing ,makes all our work stronger and last longer! Steel Fixing is the process of tying steel reinforcement prior to concrete being poured. A great...
  • Concrete
    Complimented by formwork and steel fixing, concreting is a great product we provide. Unique Construction Aust offers different strength mixes and colour services for those finishing touches. Our range of concreting...
  • Dincel Construction
    What is Dincel? - Dincel Construction System is an innovative internationally patented permanent polymer formwork for walls and columns, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces an economical, strong,...